Inexpressible Island / Antarctica

Poor Ponies…
'The southern journey sets off'
Page 4, South Polar Times, June 1912 
Scott Polar Research Institute.
Herbert Ponting
Stormy seas.
Ship journey between Falklands and Antarctic.
Drake Passage, Scotia Sea, southern Atlantic Ocean.
RRS James Clark Ross
June 2013

Frank Hurley (1885-1962)
Unidentified Landscape, Antarctic, circa 1910
(Source: lesleypunton.blogspot.com)
In the days before Instagram effects. Golden penguins and a ship that bears an appropriate name - Aurora - thanks to silvering and degrading of glass slide

The Aurora anchored  at Queen Mary Land. Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914
Photographer - Frank Hurley 1913
Adelie Land from Home of The Blizzard by Douglas Mawson
Frank Hurley 1913
National Library Australia
“Except those little tufts of shrubbery, the whole country was a barren Tack doomed by Nature to everlasting sterility”.
Cook wasn’t impressed.
ISLE OF GEORGIA Charts, and views of headlands, from Captain Cook’s Second Voyage, 1772-1774
 collection British Library
“The inner parts of the country were not less savage and horrible. The wild rocks raised their lofty summits, till they were lost in the clouds, and the valleys lay covered with everlasting snow. Not a tree was to be seen, nor a shrub even big enough to make a toothpick.”
- Captain James Cook
Description  of South Georgia Island landing
17th January 1775
'We also did reference measurements with the portable gravity meter at the gravity reference point at the station. The point is in one of the tunnels, which connect the main station building with garages, power plant, and the sewage system. The absence of any wind and the solid foundation allows precise readings, only the bitter cold – about –45°C made the work difficult.'   - Daniel Steinhage (AWI) and Steen Savstrup (DTU Space), Antarctica
Edmund Hillary’s abandoned structure from late 1950’s. Photo 1959
Ace US south Pole site.
Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky Box
British Antarctic Expedition 1907
Antarctic anenomes - Ross ice shelf
Do you hear tap dance music when you see this?