Inexpressible Island / Antarctica

Sailors and members of the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station. Submarine USS Connecticut after it surfaced above the Arctic ice. March 11
Arctic but I love it so.
 Scott’s base at Cape Evans, McMurdo Sound. Tail-end of a blizzard. Barnes Glacier in the background.
Canvas cover for sleeping bag used by Oates during the 1910-1913 British Antarctic Expedition with Falcon Scott. Had reindeer fur lining. 
Items reclaimed from the ice. Antarctica. Michael Bartalos

“Blue Iceberg (inside-out)” by Whitney Bedford
ink and oil on panel, 28 x 37 in., 2012
Photo credit: Evan Bedford
Blue enamelled cup from 

The Great White Silence (1924) by director Herbert G. Ponting


Halley VI Research Station in Antarctica as photographed by Antony Dubber, the chef of the British Antarctic Survey.


Century-old film negatives found in Antarctic ice, left by Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-1917 Ross Sea Party

(Source: nzaht.org)

Antarctic Roll. The closest I will get to Antarctica

 British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition with Shackleton

Fridjof Nansen with camera on sea-ice in the Kara Sea, August 18, 1913 {via takingtigermountain}

Arctic but I love it so