Inexpressible Island / Antarctica

Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky Box
British Antarctic Expedition 1907
Antarctic anenomes - Ross ice shelf
Do you hear tap dance music when you see this?

Photo: Jean de Pomereu


A few penguins encountered on the British Antarctic (Terra Nova) Expedition of 1910–1913 and featured in Herbert G. Ponting’s The Great White Silence (1924).

I shall be in my igloo this weekend.

(Source: icewall.com.au)

'Roald Amundsen, Discoverer of the South Pole, Antarctic Ocean 346 (13327)’ Magic Lantern Slide. Magic.
Husky Puppies pull a play sledge with supply officer George Black on Richard E. Byrd’s first Antarctic expedition. Pups of Dog Town.
Trans-Antarctic Range peaks and glaciers 2010
Inside structure of Scott’s Discovery Hut.
Early pre fab of Scot’s pine and Douglas fir. Kit of parts made in Australia for £360 in 1902. Apparently miserably cold to stay there and ice crystals formed from collected visitors breath.
Discovery Hut undergoing conservation by New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust